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Molds Tooling Pohung Toy and Gift is specialized in offering manufacturing on custom / OEM plastic toy and figures, we could offer you one-stop service from concept design to shipping. All the products posted in this website are not for sale, but just as samples to display the products what we did and what service we could give. Please contact us by email to sheldon.k@pohungtoygift.com or other way for further talk if you are interested in are our products and service.

Plastic injection molds-CNC and die casting two types, Blowing molds and Roto casting molds all are acceptable. 


Material: Steel and Copper.

Size: custom, accordingly product design.

Machine: CNC machines, Milling machines, Spark machines, Grinding mchines, Injection machine, Roto machine, Blowing machine.

Technology: CNC sculpting and Die-casting.

Use: for plastic toy, character, bottle, electronic parts and so on

Timing: 12days for designs and prototype, 30-35days for tooling.



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